Romans 5

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Excerpt from my 2004 translation of Paul’s letter to The Romans, which begins at To The Romans.

My 2012 translation of John’s first epistle begins at John A.

My 2015 translation of John’s second epistle begins at John B.

My 2015 translation of John’s third epistle begins at John Γ.

My 2015 translation of Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians, which begins at To The Thessalonians A.

My 2004 translation of Paul’s first letter to the Korinthians begins at And Now For Something Completely Different….

My 2004 translation of Mark’s gospel begins at Mark 1.

My 2004 translation of John’s gospel begins at Start With John, along with a brief explanation of my interpretive approach.

5 1 Being justified, then, by faith we have peace in the presence of god [προς τον] because of our lord Jesus the Messiah 2 through whom also we have had the privilege of entrance [by faith, sic] into this unmerited favour in which we have been placed and/even [in which] we may boast [laughingly, καυχωμεθα] on the basis of [the] hope of the glory of god. 3 And not only this, but also we may boast [scornfully καυχωμεθα] in the oppressions, knowing that oppression brings patient endurance into effect, 4 and the patience [effects] proof of character, and the approval [effects] hope. 5 And the hope does not disappoint, because the love of God is pouring lavishly into our hearts because of the holy spirit which was given to us.

6 For while we were still weak Christ died, as appointed [ετι κατα καιρον], in behalf of the ungodly. 7 For someone would hardly die in behalf of a righteous [person]; and in behalf of the good [person] someone perhaps even might dare to die; 8 but god consolidated his love for us, in that even while we were still sinners Christ died in our behalf. 9 Therefore, much more now, being acquitted by his blood will we be saved because of him from the wrath [of god].

10 For if, while we were enemies, we were reconciled to god because of the death of his son, much more being reconciled will we be saved by his life; 11 and not only that, but also, we will boast [with laughter] in god because of our lord Jesus the Messiah, because of whom we have now received [‘comprehended’] reconciliation.

12 Wherefore, since through one man sin entered into the universe, and because of sin, death, thus also death passed through into all men, with the result that all are sinful; 13 for until the law of sin was in the universe, sin was not imputed while there was no law [or ‘there being no law’], 14 however, death ruled from Adam until Moses even upon those not sinning in the same manner of transgression as Adam, who is a model of what is intended [i.e., Adam is ομοιωματι, ‘simile,’ all sin is ‘similar’ even when the content is not exactly the same; so Adam’s sin can, therefore, stand for ‘all sin’].

15 However, not as the transgression [is] thus also the free gift [‘serendipity,’ ‘grace’]; for if by the one transgression all died, how much more [will] the kindness of god and the gift, by [this] kindness, of the one man, Jesus Christ, be more than enough for the many. 16 But the gift [does] not [have the same consequences] as through the one who sinned; for judgement of [the] one led to condemnation [of all], but the free gift is for many transgressions [leading] to justification. 17 For if by the one transgression death ruled because of the one, much more will those who receive justice for [eternal] life [by] the overwhelming kindness and serendipity [δωρεας] [of god], rule,  because of the one, Jesus the Messiah.

18 Therefore then, since because of one transgression [it is such that there is] judgement for all men, thus also because of one [there is] justification for all men to the end that they are made righteous for [eternal] life; 19 wherefore, because of the disobedience of the one man many sins were established, thus also because of the obedience of the one, many justifications have been established.

20 Now, the law usurped, in order that transgression should perform a coup [πλεοναζω, ‘to claim too much, go to far’]; but where sin [greedily] overstepped, mercy well exceeded [it], 21 so that wherefore sin ruled by death, thus also mercy would rule because of justice [which leads] to eternal life because of Jesus Christ our lord.

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This translation was taken from The Greek New Testament, Kurt Aland, et. al. eds., Third Edition (corrected), United Bible Societies, (in cooperation with the Institute for New Testament Textual Research, Münster/Westphalia, Printed in West Germany by Biblia-Druck GmbH Stuttgart),1983.

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