John Γ

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My 2015 translation of John’s third epistle.

My 2012 translation of John’s first epistle begins at John A.

My 2015 translation of John’s second epistle begins at John B.

My 2015 and 2017 translation of Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians begins at To The Thessalonians A.

My 2015 translation of Paul’s letter to The Romans begins at To the Romans.

My 2004 translation of Paul’s first letter to the Korinthians begins at And Now For Something Completely Different….

My 2004 translation of Mark’s gospel begins at Mark 1.

My 2004 translation of John’s gospel begins at Start With John, along with a brief explanation of my interpretive approach.

1 1 The elder to Gaio the beloved, whom I love in truth.

2 Beloved, I am praying for you about everything, [that you] prosper and be in good health, just as it is well with your soul [ψυχη, ‘psyche,’ ‘life’]. 3 For I delighted very much when your brothers came and testified the truth, just as you are conducting yourself in [the] truth. 4 I have no greater joy than that I should hear my children are conducting themselves in the truth.

5 Beloved, be trustworthy in whatever work you should do for those brothers [who are] strangers, 6 who testified of your love before the church, whom you treated well and sent on their way [in a manner] worthy of god; 7 for they came out in behalf of the name, taking nothing from the audiences [εθνικων]. 8 Therefore, we are obligated to entertain [υπολαμβανω, ‘to receive under one’s protection;’ ‘to take up a notion, understand’] such as these, so that we might become colleagues in the truth.

9 I wrote something to the church; however, Diotrephe who wishes to run the show [φιλοπρωτευων, ‘to strive to be first or top rank’] did not acknowledge me. 10 Because of this, if I come, I will remind him of the work he is doing disparaging us with evil words, and not being satisfied with this, neither does he allow the brothers admission and  [further] he wishes to forbid [them] and cast them out of the church!

11 Beloved, do not imitate evil but rather, [imitate] the good. The one who does what is good [and right, αγαθοπιοων] is of god; the one who does evil has not heeded [οραω] god. 12 Demetrio has been informed about everything, and [even] by the truth itself; and we also gave testimony, and you know that our testimony is true.

13 I have many things to write to you but I will not write to you because of [the lack of] ink and a reed; 14 but I hope to come to see you imminently, and we will speak face to face. 15 Peace to you. The friends send you greetings. Greet the friends by name.

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This translation was taken from The Greek New Testament, Kurt Aland, et. al. eds., Third Edition (corrected), United Bible Societies, (in cooperation with the Institute for New Testament Textual Research, Münster/Westphalia, Printed in West Germany by Biblia-Druck GmbH Stuttgart),1983.

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